Friday, October 3, 2014

Summerwinds in Fall

Early October is the perfect time for a native gardener to blow into Summerwinds nurseries. Around this time every year, they have their huge 40% of all plants one gallon and up sale. Summerwinds has multiple locations in the South Bay, many boasting a sizable native selection. Though plant quality varies by location, generally speaking the plants are well-maintained and some gems can be found. In particular, great deals can be had on 5 gallon containers of shrubs such as manzanitas, ceanothus, coffeeberries, toyon and others. I'm partial to the Palo Alto location because it is closest to San Mateo and has the largest selection. Additionally, the caretaker of the native section is a sweet lady with a passion for natives.
My Summerwinds haul, eager to be planted and loved
From my experience, you need to go early in the sale for best selection. So, early on Thursday, the first day of the sale, I made the trek southward to three different Summerwinds locations: Cupertino, Mountain View and Palo Alto. I came away with a decent batch of plants including manzanitas, wire grass, ferns, huckleberry and some buckwheats. With the recent closure of Blue Sky Farms, it's nice to know that Summerwinds has my back. Check 'em out.